Shihan Ian

Shihan Ian

Ian Cooper Shihan is a 5th Dan black belt in karate; he is the founder and chief karate instructor of MSK Martial Arts. MA–SEIREI-KAI – meaning Pure Spirit Association.

Ian (commonly known as Shihan in the dojo), has been involved within Martial Arts, pretty much all of his life, firstly being introduced to Wado Ryu karate by his Uncle at a very young age. He then went on and trained in many different styles of martial arts in Shotokan karate, Tae kwon do, and wing chun kung fu.

Then re-igniting his love for karate again, started teaching in 1997. Having achieved great success in teaching and competing he decided to go Professional and began to teach karate full time in 2000. For the years that followed, he began teaching for different karate organisations and teaching over 1000s of students which numerous of students went on to become world champions.

Having learned how to run, maintain and keeping the authenticity of martial arts. It’s was in 2006, Ian decided to open MSK Martial Arts and then the full time venue Eastbourne was opened in 2012.

Ian continues to teach, train and compete. He has competed, Judged and coached for England and the U.K numerous times and holds numerous World, European and National championship titles in Points, Forms and Full contact divisions.

In 2015, Ian went with Sensei Peter Sundby and Shihan Mick Golden of Karate Kai Uk to train in Okinawa, Japan the birth place of karate to train with high ranking karate instructors. Tetsuhiro Hokama 10th dan (Goju Ryu) and Toshimitsu Arakaki 10th Dan (Matsubayashi-ryū). Also he went back with Sensei Peter Sundby and Sensei Alan Downer in 2015 to continue with the excellent training went to train with the same instructors and got introduced and started training with Yuichi Nakamoto of Nakamato Okinawa Goju Ryu. Ian will continue to travel to Okinawa, to keep the knowledge flowing of the outstanding karate that he has learnt there and pass down to the students.

Loving and embracing all martial arts. Ian has continued to train in other styles of martial arts from BJJ, dirty boxing, Escrima, Judo, Ju jitsu, kobudo and more.

“The goal for MSK is continue the development of martial arts and instill the qualities and values that martial arts can give you, whatever style you train”

Completed a 50 man Kumite in 2008
He holds a title of Shihan (Master instructor) in 2008
He received his 5th Dan in 2012
He received the title of Renshi (polished Master) in 2012