March 19, 2016

Female Fitness

Female Fitness

Sensei Pete currently runs a karate based ladies fitness class from 9:30-10:30 on Monday mornings. This session combines yoga and karate warmup inspired stretches before drawing on a mix of traditional Okinawan and sport karate drills that will improve fitness, tone and flexibility. Yes, karate is originally a self defense system but it is also a great way to keep fit and toned. Some of the ladies fitness crew love karate techniques but do not want to punch and kick another person! The class is 'on the mat' with bare feet and Japanese background music to give the feeling of Japan. The session caters for all levels and we can work around injuries and weaknesses.

Sensei Pete says "I'm not a personal trainer or fitness instructor but having found my own fitness in my 40s I am very keen to pass on the good that regular training can do. I'd love to run more karate inspired fitness classes as these sessions grow in popularity, so come and give it a go. It's not bootcamp and we do have a laugh too......"

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Female Fitness

Female Fitness with Sensei Pete
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