Sensei Pete

Sensei Pete

Hi I’m Sensei Pete and I teach Sunday karate class.

You’ll see me at the dojo on Tuesday and Thursday evenings too, training and helping if needed.

On a quest for improving my fitness and flexibility I took up karate at the age of 38, having dabbled with karate and judo as a child. I began with one class a week and soon got well and truly hooked.

I’ve never considered myself especially sporty but something about karate ‘clicked’ with me. All of this coincided with some changes to diet and nutrition for the health of one of my daughters, and I have not looked back. I am certainly fitter than I’ve ever been.

I love to teach, having worked as a lecturer in further education and really know how important it is to have fun and enjoy learning, whilst of course maintaining the discipline of a martial art. I also have the added bonus of getting to train with my daughter Freya, and we have loved being part of such a friendly and inclusive club.

We have competed in tournaments and I have been fortunate enough to travel to the Japanese island of Okinawa and learn from some masters in the home of traditional karate. You soon discover that there is so much more to karate than simply kicking and punching and I truly believe it to be of great benefit to children and adults a like.

I really hope to see you at the dojo and help make your training as fun as possible, and as life changing as it has been for me.