Sensei Joe

Sensei Joe

Hello, I’m Sensei Joe and I teach the Saturday class and the Mini Dragons. 

I train at the dojo on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and the morning Sunday class.  

During my school life I was a a very nervous person who was constantly bullied, finding it difficult to socialise with other people except for my family and close friends. I almost gave up after my first session because I was so insecure about myself. 

The reason I kept training was to change myself and it had to start with me making those changes. I now train because I enjoy the physical work and the fellow company of students at the dojo.

I have gained great confidence in my drawing skills that I loved as a kid, but was never very sure about and strive to continue on improving my work for my own and others well being.

My goals in karate have always been to improve myself, as well as help other people who may be younger or unsure about themselves gain confidence that I developed myself.

I love teaching fitness, sparring and kata whilst learning new techniques when I can. This club has helped me gain so much and I know it will help others going us as well.


Sensei Joe

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