Sensei Derren

Sensei Derren

Sometimes a teacher, always a student.

Some-time ago I was re-introduced to Karate by my wife, who had enrolled me without my knowledge, under the instructions that she wanted my daughter to learn to look after herself and develop her confidence – and I was to accompany her.

That was my introduction to MSK, where I found a welcoming and nurturing group that rekindled a passion for Martial Arts that I had as a youth. A family friendly group that genuinely welcomed people regardless of background, physical ability and age, where everyone is encouraged to be a better version of themselves.

Today, I find myself a student of Japanese Budo (way of peace), embracing the Japanese arts in particular, on a path of self-discovery and truth. I am fascinated with these arts, their history, the differences and the commonalities; looking to the true spirit of Budo beyond the sporting prowess.

The study of Budo in any form provides a great antidote to the pressures of modern life, conditioning the body and cultivating the mind whilst nurturing the spirit and developing strong moral character. For me the dojo is a place of mental tranquility and physical endeavor providing the yin to the yang of my otherwise stressful and busy life.
Since starting training again I have had the pleasure and honor of training with and learning from so many great people. One of the awesome things about the martial arts is the willingness of others to share what they have learnt, and a desire to help everyone they meet.

As a student of Budo it’s my responsibility to share what I learn, in much the same way as others have done for me; and today at MSK I am privileged to be teaching Judo, Kobudo (Traditional Weapons), Aiki Kempo Jujutsu and occasionally Karate.

The MSK dojo has become a second home for myself and my kids, and the instructors and students, a second family.